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Leadership Team

Meet the team who are focused on improving the student experience using AppsAnywhere and application virtualization at universities and colleges across the world.

At Software2 we focus exclusively on providing the best virtualization solutions for universities and community colleges. We are unique in what we do. We are the world leaders!

Tony Austwick

Co-founder & President

At Software2 we strive to deliver technology that improves the student learning experience and improves outcomes. I believe technology can really deliver to the education sector and so far I have been delighted to introduce our "Gartner Cool" technology to over 100 universities in the USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Holland and South Africa.

Since co-founding Software2 in 2009, Tony has led on technology and championing customer projects and university virtualization needs. In 2014 Tony co-launched our US office in Cambridge, MA and implemented our technology at four leading universities inside the first six months. Tony has also overseen our growth (from somewhat humble beginnings!) so that we are now one of the turnkey solutions for universities to improve what they offer to students and staff. 

Interests include buffalo wings, single malts, darts, craft ales, tweed, photography and gadgets.

Nick Johnson

Co-founder & CEO

I strongly believe that new technologies can deliver better outcomes to students. One of our customers has used our solutions to move into the top 10 universities and cited working with Software2 as the key facilitator. I am not only focused on improving student happiness but also on how this enhances the wider academic community.

Nick leads the sales and marketing teams in the USA, EMEA and UK with a particular focus on using customer success to share new and better ways of working in universities and community colleges. With a background in groundbreaking and exciting technology and a strong affinity to working across the further education sector, Nick is particularly proud of his involvement with universities that enhance student outcomes and become more competitive.

Interests include watching soccer (Cambridge United!), squash and Asian-fusion cooking.

Ryan Heath

Director of Technical Services

The end-user experience is so often overlooked when implementing systems that are designed to solve management problems, or simplify and streamline working processes. Objectives and success criteria mean nothing unless the end-users actually use and love your systems.

Since entering the virtualization arena in 2007, Ryan has been focused solely on developing systems to simplify and streamline the application delivery process for end users. Making use of a world of existing technologies, designed for securing, monitoring and managing the student IT experience, as well as the latest web technologies, to build truly user-focused solutions capable of meeting the complex needs of the education sector

As an avid user and promoter of technology, Ryan is fastidious about the way in which it is presented to users and understands the importance of user experience when it comes to the success and usability of a system, especially when it comes to the less savvy users, or those with special requirements.

Interests include skiing & snowboarding, surfing, live sound & lighting, and pointless tech.

Marcus Conway

VP Marketing

It's awesome to be involved with a customer centric, cool tech company like Software2. Our company is awesome, our team is awesome, our solutions are awesome and our customers are totally awesome too.

Marcus loves working in customer-focused technology companies - where customers are more like friends and success is shared. Working with customers like Surrey University, Marcus has helped the company gain recognition in globally important awards for improving the student experience.

Interests include Top Gun, crisps, soccer, daddy day, Lego, whisky and ribs.

David Miller

Vice President Business Development

I am a customer advocate. Everything I do and believe is about making our customers successful and promoting their success to other universities and college. Working at Software2 is great because they match this customer first approach.

Dave joined the Software2 as a key player to develop and support our US university and college customers. Having spent 12 years as an executive at Disney, Dave knows all about understanding the customer’s needs and ensuring they are at the center of our approach to sales, account management and project delivery. 

Interests include playing music, golf, Hawaii, hangin’ with the family, and bitters from the UK.

Leon Walsh


We work with our customers to deliver outcomes that are unrivalled. End to end, our product development, training, support and engagement processes are all driven by our customer to ensure the best possible student experience.

Leon has more than 15 years experience in sales and management in the information technology and education sectors across Europe. With an ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technology solutions, Leon has held senior sales roles at QSR International, and Apple Dealerships in the UK.

Interests include tapas, motor sport, and spending time with his wife and daughters.

John D. W. Woolcott

Executive Director

Universities in all regions of the US are benefitting from a more effective virtualization solution. A solution built, designed and delivered to meet their exact needs.

John has 35 years general management experience in the global high tech environment. He has held senior management positions in companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to multibillion dollar enterprises. He has served many years as a Main Board of Directors of a publically held company and acted in an advisory capacity to numerous smaller organizations.

As a citizen of the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand, he has not only traveled extensively but has a unique and in depth understanding of ‘globalization’ as well as the establishment and management of operations in the World’s major markets. An avid sailor and boat owner he has made many ocean passages and has resided in Boston, MA for many years. 

Interests include sailing, yachting, the sea, boats, travelling by boat, beaches, marine activities, and all-things nautical!