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Installation-Free App Magic

AppsAnywhere, our self-service portal, creates the magic and gives the user a 'one stop shop' for all their app needs.

It does this by providing a platform - regardless of the technology they're using, the OS they're accessing the service with, or where they happen to be at the time - a way of accessing all of their apps on demand, as and when they need them.

Our portal is totally technology-agnostic, so regardless of the technology being used to deliver apps to the end user (it could be virtualized, it could be a traditional install or a request for installation via SCCM), AppsAnywhere has the ability to inquire on what hardware you're trying to execute the app, and use the most appropriate delivery method for that execution.

It could be a MacOS device you are trying to deliver a Windows App to, in which case it would select the most appropriate method of delivery such as RemoteApp, or executing a virtual app via an appropriate technology such as VirtualBox, VMware Fusion or Parallels.

Our self-service portal not only provides a delivery mechanism for your traditional Windows estate, but many students now come to University with a shiny new Apple MacBook, and the ever increasing dominance from Apple also requires a unique solution for delivery of native MacOS apps to these devices. So if there's a native app available, then Mac users would far rather use the native app rather than a virtualized Windows version. AppsAnywhere's native Mac Client enables you to manage this process.

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