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Welcome to S2Hub, the most advanced application deployment controller on the education market. From one simple admin portal, S2Hub lets you control everything you could possibly need to when it comes to deploying apps to students and staff, using AppsAnywhere.

S2Hub is the technology that controls your university's AppsAnywhere solution. From the user-friendly web interface, S2Hub lets you choose how to deliver apps (i.e. the delivery method), set who has access and to which apps, control which devices get which apps, and set software licensing restrictions. It's from here that you can also control your Cloudpaging settings and all the other compatible application delivery methods.

Application deployment made easy.

Application deployment made easy.

Choosing how to deploy apps is easy with S2Hub. Once you've chosen each app's delivery method (Cloudpaging, RemoteApp etc.) you can set how the apps are provisioned. This could be based on students' studies, their location or their environment. Through S2Hub you can provide or restrict access to apps using geographical location or what they're using to access the apps (e.g. OS, device type or user-owned machines), all according to licensing restrictions.

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Deliver Apps through AppsAnywhere Using S2Hub and Smart Prioritization

Smart Prioritization.

There's more than one way you'll want to deliver apps. It could be using Cloudpaging, launching locally-installed software, or directing users to downloads for open source apps. So we've developed Smart Prioritization, which allows you to set multiple delivery methods for each app, all delivered to students using one 'Launch' button in AppsAnywhere.

S2Hub chooses the best way of delivering the app to the user, based on a variety of factors (e.g. device type, OS, location). Students have enough to think about, without needing to choose between different software delivery methods.

Real-time reporting to show how students are using AppsAnywhere.

Understand app usage with detailed reporting.

S2Hub gives you access to S2 Dashboard, our extensive cutting-edge reporting suite. From there you get an instant view of how students and staff are using AppsAnywhere. Graphical reports give you an overview of app usage so you can see where your university can save money on software licensing. Never before have you been able to quickly find out whether some apps are never used (even by version number!), or the maximum number of concurrent users.

Choose how you brand AppsAnywhere.

AppsAnywhere looks beautiful out-of-the-box, but we know you'll really want to make it your own.

GCU's customized AppsAnywhere app store portal.

By adding your university's branding and corporate colors using S2Hub's controls, you can give your students and staff a recognizable, trusted way to access all of their apps. And because it's compatible with multiple application delivery methods, it's a consistent one-stop-shop for university software.

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