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Leidos Supplier Symposium


Westfields Marriott Chantilly, VA


Number 6


June 4, 2019

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This June we're heading to Leidos' Supplier Innovation and Technology Symposium to highlight how AppsAnywhere is improving end user computing for Leidos' customers.

We'll be showcasing how AppsAnywhere is enabling Leidos to provide the next-generation desktop at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, by bringing all corporate-approved software titles together into one place on any device.

By integrating with all your existing deliver mechanisms, including VMware, Citrx, Parallels and App-V/SCCM, AppsAnywhere gives you a centralized platform through which to manage and deploy 100% of your applications, to a multitude of devices including Windows, Mac and Chromebooks.

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Come and visit us at Booth 6 on June 4 and learn more about AppsAnywhere, our unique approach to application delivery, and how we're providing a seamless user experience with a next-generation desktop at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.