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University desktop provisioning is a huge challenge. This complexity stems from a number of factors inherent with this type of environment: a vast numbers of users, a fast turnover of the user base and the ever-increasing mobility of users.

Couple those needs with the pace at which hardware and software advances, across all departments, and the complexity of making sure ALL students have access to ALL their university software, wherever they need it, becomes an almost impossible challenge for the university IT department!

Sound familiar?

It's not as simple as ensuring each person uses the same machine all the time, with just a handful of apps. Each user at a university or college may never use the same machine twice, throughout the tenure of their course! On top of that, it's most likely they'll utilize hundreds of apps during this time, too.

Deploying application in higher education

Now combine that with the annual updates to nearly all software titles; a university can’t just sit back and teach last year’s technology, they are expected to prepare their students for the outside world and keeping up with change is an absolute necessity.

Awesome Student IT and Learning Experience

Improving the student learning experience

Students want the apps needed to complete their studies. Give them what they need and their university experience will be even more awesome. We've spoken to our customers about how they've improved the student experience, and here's the top 3 things you should know...

  1. Students hate labs (and so do faculty staff).
  2. Students want software. Now.
  3. Students want software that works. Now.

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BYOD Higher Education HE Challenges

University BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a hot topic in IT for many years now, and at a university level it has several challenges. But what do we mean when we talk about BYOD? Most institutions in some way offer a BYOD service. But it's normally restricted to very basic services, and it amounts to no more than an internet connection and access to email. In our eyes that's not BYOD, it's just Wi-Fi!

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Virtualizing 100% of Windows Apps HE Challenge

Virtualizing 100% of Windows apps

While legacy solutions like App-V (read the App-V team blog) can struggle to deploy all the Windows apps students use, we're able to virtualize 100% of Windows apps. Universities use a wide range of software. Some of it can be cutting edge whilst some important apps are still written in DOS.

Question: What can we help you virtualize? Answer: 100% of Windows apps.

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VDI Sprawl is a major HE challenge

VDI Sprawl

VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) adoption is a regular topic of debate in the S2 office. We certainly see wider use in the US but we do see a trend of scaling back after initial investment. In the UK there was an expectation that it would take off considerably, but this never seems to have really happened. Instead we see pockets of a University or College utilising the technology, as opposed to it being a site-wide service.

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