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Improving the Student Learning Experience

Students want the apps needed to complete their studies. Give them what they need and their university experience will be even more awesome.

Tech-savvy students want all their study apps to be there when they need them. We've spoken to our customers about how they've improved the student experience, and here's the top 3 things your university or community college needs to know...

1. Students hate labs (and so do faculty staff).

With impending deadlines the last thing students want to do is try and find a specific room at a set time to get work done. Faculty staff are also struggling to timetable classes to get access to software. Students want all the apps they need to get their work done. They need them to be available quickly and easily whenever they want them... and there's also a whole bunch of benefits to be gained from freeing up labs: reduced hardware costs, reduced IT admin effort installing and re-installing software in lots of rooms, and major 'Green IT' boosts.

2. Students want software. Now.

Generation Y download and install software all the time. On average, GenY students install 2 new apps per device, per month (Gartner, Enders Analysis). So when they turn up to study their course, they now expect your university or community college to provide software in the same way. They expect all the apps they need in an 'app store', they can download and run without any technical know-how. Where we've enabled university app stores with AppsAnywhere, students love university IT.

3. Students want software that works. Now.

If you give a student a CD it's possible they'll never have seen one. They certainly won't know what to do with it and may not even have a drive to run it. If they get stuck who are they going to call? Students expect to access the software they need from the start menu or from an app store. Not only that, they expect to be able to go off campus and offline and continue to use the software they need. Students that have the tools they need to get their work done have a better experience and enhanced outcomes.

How our customers have improved the student experience...