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General terms

General terms

All our Packaging Service apps are packaged with Cloudpaging Studio for deployment to Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 and above.

All pricing is in Software2 Packaging Credits and is the cost per appset (i.e. per app version), unless otherwise shown.

All apps listed in our menu are packaged with a default configuration, according to Software2 Packaging Service conventions. Bespoke configurations can be provided at an additional credit cost.


An annual subscription is required for access to all Software2 Packaging Services. This covers service setup, administration and project management over the course of the year. For a full list of apps available in both of our subscription levels, download the PDF below.

Download the Packaging Service guide

Core subscription

In Core, our entry-level subscription, you get 50 apps included at no extra cost. New versions of these apps are provided every 3-6 months. Subscribers may also request a more recent version and we'll aim to provide this as soon as possible, free of charge.

Core subscribers will also receive 10 FOSS (free/open source software) packages throughout the year at no additional cost. Any FOSS packages requested by customers are shared with all our Packaging Service subscribers.

The list of all 50 apps included in Core is in the above PDF.

Plus subscription

As well as what Core offers, our Plus subscription comes with additional benefits. Plus subscribers will receive 6,000 packaging credits each year, which can be used to select apps from our packaging menu or for app bundles, for example the Adobe CC or AutoDesk suites.

You can find a full list of apps and pricing bands in the above PDF.


Higher Ed all over the planet needs to deliver the same apps to students. With that in mind, for 2020 we're thrilled to be able to offer two of the most commonly-used software suites. See our Packaging Service Guide PDF for futher information about the below bundles.

Each of our bundles costs 3,000 credits.

Adobe CC suite

We can package Adobe's CC (Creative Cloud) suite for you; just add the app packages to your Plus subscription for 3,000 credits (per year). Updated versions of these appsets will be provided twice each year, in January and August. This includes both the Named User Licenses and Shared Device Licensing.

AutoDesk suite

From 2020 onwards, we're pleased to offer another of the commonly used app suites in Higher Education into our Packaging Service subscription. AutoDesk products can now be added to your Plus subscription for 3,000 credits (per year).

Like with our other bundles, updated versions of these appsets will be provided twice yearly, in January and in August.

Packaging menu

Our menu of pre-selected applications offers the best value with discounts available at quieter times of the year. Apps are grouped into bands with the cost in credits as follows:

Packaging Service pricing

The cost of an appset is confirmed as soon as the required information to package the app has been provided (i.e. before packaging work commences).

After you've requested your apps and given us your licensing info we'll supply you with your Cloudpaging packages, all pre-configured and ready to deploy through AppsAnywhere.

Appsets are provided in STP format, along with a recipe and project file (STW), should you wish to make local changes.

Please note: New versions of apps / updates are not included; costs are per package. This allows us to offer the best value as you only need to pay for new versions if you need them.

List of packaging menu apps

For a full list of apps in our menu, along with their corresponding bands, download our PDF below.

Bespoke packaging

If the app you need is not listed in this document, you can still submit a request via our app store and a price will be provided on request, no obligation.

We can also customize any of the apps listed to meet your exact requirements for an additional credit cost. App bandings and any additional credit cost are always confirmed before work commences.

Service level agreement

Access to Software2 Packaging Services is via our online AppsAnywhere portal. Core Apps are available for immediate download in STP format, ready to deploy with Cloudpaging.

Requests for packages will be verified within 2 days and the packaged app provided within 1-4 weeks of a verified request. Should you need to mark your request as urgent, Software2 will make all reasonable efforts to deliver a package in the shortest possible timeframe.

UAT and Warranty

Once we deliver your appset, we know you’ll want to perform some user acceptance testing, so we include a 90-day warranty as standard. In case of any issues with the appset, simply raise a ticket and we’ll resolve any defects. Please note, changes to app configuration (addition of plug-ins etc) will carry an additional credit cost.

Media and Licensing

Software2 do not sell the software licenses, we simply provide a packaging service. When required, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the installation media and a valid license to be included with each appset.

If access to a license server is required to install or configure an app, this must be provided by the customer – either by a direct connection or VPN. If this is not possible, please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements.

Discounts can only be applied if the media and license information provided can be used to successfully install and license the app within the discount period.

Getting started...

To get access to our Packaging Service or to take a look at our menu of packages, register your interest using the form below and we'll send you login details to browse the Pacakging Service portal.

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