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Author of the Resource Posted on by Peter Cooke

AppsAnywhere Animation - Application Virtualization for Universities, Designed By Software2

Watch our short animation to find out more about AppsAnywhere, our application virtualization, deployment and BYOD solution, exclusively for universities and colleges.

AppsAnywhere Animation - Video Transcription

Hi, I’m Jack. I just started my university course and need to access my class applications like ArcGIS, MATLAB, and SPSS. But to use software applications, I have to go to a specific room at a set time. I was expecting to access all the software I needed anytime, on or off campus. Now I’m struggling to get my work done.

In the university IT department, Michael has decided to start deploying applications to students using a virtual desktop. To run all the applications means more and more servers, and some applications are running really slowly. The university has spent hundreds of thousands on VDI, so this has to be the best way, right?

Meet Amy. She’s using Application Jukebox [AppsAnywhere], delivered by Software2. She can now deploy any Windows application to any device on and off campus. This includes all the heavyweight apps the student needs to get their work done. And she’s saving the university lots of money. Jack can now access all the apps he needs and use them whenever and wherever he likes. The software performs as fast as being installed locally. Jack’s experience is now awesome!

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