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Author of the Resource Posted on by Marcus Conway

Delivering apps with Microsoft SCCM and App-V in AppsAnywhere

With this integration you can deliver apps using Microsoft System Center (SCCM), including your existing App-V packages, to managed devices from directly within AppsAnywhere.

One of the software delivery methods supported by AppsAnywhere is Microsoft's SCCM. This video shows how to launch an app using SCCM in AppsAnywhere. The integration also extends to apps that have been previously installed on a managed machine using SCCM, to launch the installed app straight away.

Delivering apps using Microsoft SCCM & App-V - Video Transcription 

One of the coolest ways to launch apps in AppsAnywhere is with Microsoft’s SCCM technology. AppsAnywhere integrates directly to your SCCM environment for on-domain, managed devices. This short video shows how AppsAnywhere seamlessly deploys SCCM apps.

In browser feedback lets users know  that AppsAnywhere is launching via SCCM Install. If users go ahead and click Launch, the AppsAnywhere client begins to download and install. Over in the Software Center window users are informed of progress. As soon as the install is complete, the app launches. Awesome and easy. The next time a user needs the app, AppsAnywhere remembers it’s been installed and starts it straight away. Back over in the Software Center window, Skype is now listed in the Installed Software tab. One app store multiple delivery methods.

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