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Author of the Resource Posted on by Phil Morgan

Enabling BYOD and Improving Student Outcomes at Lancaster University

Lancaster University is meeting the student demand for providing university-owned software applications both on and off campus, by deploying AppsAnywhere, an awesome university 'app store'.

Lancaster University aims to make it easier for students to access University software and reduce the support overhead associated with software provision. Watch the short animation below, created by the IT department at Lancaster University for their students, to find out more about how AppsAnywhere works.

Find out more: About AppsAnywhere at Lancaster University >

The Lancaster BYOD Infographic

The infographic below shows how Lancaster University are using AppsAnywhere to make their apps available to any student (or staff member), anywhere, on any device, and on demand, for true university BYOD.

Download the Lancaster University BYOD: Download the full infographic below

BYOD at Lancaster University Infographic

The key benefits from the project include:

  • Detailed usage reports enable the IT budget to be spent more wisely
  • Making it easier for students to access software anywhere, whether it's on or off campus
  • Reducing the support overhead associated with software provision

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