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Author of the Resource Posted on by Peter Cooke

Integrating AppsAnywhere with Cloudpaging to launch virtualized Windows apps

See how AppsAnywhere integrates with Cloudpaging to enable students to launch their apps on-demand anywhere across campus.

In this short video we show you how easy it is to launch virtualized Cloudpaging apps through AppsAnywhere, enabling universities to deliver 100% of Windows apps on-demand, including 'tricky' heavyweight apps like AutoCAD, ArcGIS, SPSS and NVivo.

Integrating AppsAnywhere with Cloudpaging - Video Transcription

One of our favorite AppsAnywhere integrations is Cloudpaging. Developed by Numecent in California, Cloudpaging is a next-generation application virtualization tool that supports 100% of Windows apps. Unlike legacy solutions such as App-V and ThinApp, Cloudpaging lets you virtualize all your complex applications including MATLAB, AutoCAD, NVivo and ArcGIS.

On our demo site hover your cursor over the VLC Media Player icon. You’ll notice that AppsAnywhere tells you it’s launching ‘via Cloudpaging’. After clicking launch, the AppsAnywhere Client passes the request to the Cloudpaging Player, and VLC starts soon after. You can open up Cloudpaging Player at any point by heading to the taskbar, where you’ll see the status of all your Cloudpaging apps.

For new users who don’t have the Cloudpaging Player installed on their computer, the AppsAnywhere Client takes care of the install process when the user first clicks ‘launch’ on any Cloudpaging app.

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