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Launching university software on and off campus at Coventry University

Coventry University is streamlining their application deployment using AppsAnywhere, with the aim of continuously improving their students' experience.

BYOD (bring your own device) is coming to Coventry University this year, allowing their students to access university software anywhere and at anytime, with just the click of a single button.

Nearly 30,000 students can start to benefit from AppsAnywhere in its entirety, branded as MyLaunch Software Portal at Coventry University. That means students no longer have to rely solely on campus computers for their software; studying and working, for both students and staff, has never been easier. And thanks to the leading application virtualization technology Cloudpaging, all software is available to access on-demand, making application delivery a more simple task for the university's IT department.

Coventry University: Apps, Anywhere

Coventry University have also created a short video, detailing how their students can begin using AppsAnywhere on their own devices, proving just how simple the process is.

MyLaunch at Coventry University: Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dean Shaw, the Desktop Leader for IT Services here at Coventry University. The following video has been created to show both our students and staff how to use our new software portal, myLaunch.

myLaunch is our software portal for our students and staff their entitled to use, on campus and off campus. You no longer need to visit specific rooms or buildings to access software. myLaunch can be accessed from Windows PC’s, laptops, tablets, Apple MacBook’s, and Apple iMacs, however the process for using myLaunch differs between using it from a Windows device and an Apple device.

On campus, all university managed windows devices have player installed to enable the myLaunch servers to function, so when you first visit the myLaunch home page by either clicking on the desktop, named myLaunch or visit the web address for myLaunch. You may be prompted, depending on the browser you use to click the green ‘I Have It’ button.

To use myLaunch on a personal windows device, visit the myLaunch homepage. You’ll be prompted to long on to the service using your university ID. Click the red ‘I Need It’ button to install the required player. You should be prompted to then download and install the player, but if this does not happen, use the manual download link and follow the prompts to install.

You’re now ready to use myLaunch on your own device.

When visiting the myLaunch portal from personal Windows devices, you may be prompted to open or click a toc file notification pop up to continue. On any MacBook or iMac, whether university owned or personal, the player isn’t required. Just visit the myLaunch page and click the green ‘I Already Have It’ button to continue.

Once your personal device has been configured to use myLaunch it will not be necessary to repeat this process.

Once on the myLaunch homepage you can browse the list or find the software you require using the search apps function. You can then favourite these for future ease of access. This is done by clicking on the small star icon in the top left-hand corner of the application. These applications can then be viewed in the ‘My Favourites’ tab thereafter. There is also the option to use the categories function in myLaunch to see applications available to the faculties, the college and to mac users.

In some cases, you may be required to connect to the universities virtual private network, VPN for short, due to licencing conditions when working off campus. For those software applications, we have added the suffix [Campus or VPN] in brackets.

Once launched, most software will continue to for up to 30 days without internet connection, but the licence can be refreshed by just logging on to the myLaunch application service and rerunning the application.

For more information about myLaunch, visit the student portal, log in with your university credentials if required. From the ‘Study at CU’ drop down menu, select IT services, and once on this page select user guides to read more about myLaunch.

To help us improve our myLaunch service you can email us at

If you're interested in how AppsAnywhere can help improve your students' experience, you can visit our trial site HERE, or get in touch today.

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