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Author of the Resource Posted on by Peter Cooke in BYOD, Customers, Application Virtualization

Moving STEM Apps To The Cloud at Imperial College London

By moving to laptops and cloud in Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London's ICT Team aim to support BYOD, improve student feedback and re-purpose 2900ft2 of lab estate.

The infographic below shows how Imperial College London moved STEM apps to cloud.

See the Imperial College London infographic

Key takeaways include;

  • Use of fixed machines (labs) decreased
  • Number of first year students using labs decreased most dramatically
  • Students favor external (off campus) access to software apps
  • Access to software increases when labs would normally be closed
  • Students provide more positive survey results
  • Repurposing of real estate worth $10m

The use of cloud storage, Office 365 and Application Jukebox [AppsAnywhere] to facilitate a move to laptops has freed up space, improved student feedback, and changed and improved teaching. We now spend our time supporting students and not PCs.

Tim Machin, ICT Site Manager

Imperial College London Infographic

The infographic below shows how Imperial College London's IT department have moved their 'tricky' STEM apps to the cloud, to provide any app, anywhere, and an even more awesome student experience.

STEM Apps at Imperial College London

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