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NEW: Citrix Integration in AppsAnywhere 2.6

Release Date: November 2018

We're very happy to share with you some hugely exciting updates from the development team this week; AppsAnywhere 2.6.0 is now available.

Learn about AppsAnywhere 2.6 latest features in the below webinar, presented by Technical Director, Ryan Heath:

We’ve crammed an incredible range of features into this release; in fact 24 change requests and 5 resolved defects make it the most packed release we have ever produced!

Ryan Heath, Software2 Technical Director. November 2018.


We're incredibly proud and grateful for a customer base as engaged with our product and invested in its developement as our customers are. We feel a real sense of community with our users and we absolutely adore watching this translate into progression for the product. It truly is awesome to see AppsAnywhere's trajectory be as heavily influenced by our users and valued customers and for that, we thank you.

Without further ado, let's take a look at our new version release, v2.6.0...

AppsAnywhere v2.6.0 Logos

Citrix Integration

Citrix Integration Graphic

Since the launch of AppsAnywhere back in 2016 our mission has been to bring together the most popular delivery methods available to an organization and make everything they provide accessible through AppsAnywhere. Citrix is the last of the major technologies used by our customers today to provide remote applications and desktops to their end users. Providing users the ability to access their Citrix resources through AppsAnywhere with the same ease of use as if they were logged into Citrix Receiver directly has been a big challenge and one that required a custom approach but we believe we finally have a brilliant solution for our customers and the groundwork for even more powerful links with Citrix moving forward.

Parallels RAS support on iOS, Android and Linux native clients

Vector graphic to show new parallels RAS support on IOS, Android and Linux

This time last year, we announced a new integration with Parallels RAS, the deepest integration we have done to date with support for remote apps and desktops being accessed through both the natively installed Parallels Client and their HTML5 offering, providing access to resources for end users on an amazing range of HTML5 compatible devices as well as native integrations for Windows and Mac OS. In the 2.6 release we have expanded this integration further to provide those native integration options such as local file directory mapping, printer access, copy/paste abilities and USB drive integration to Linux, Android, iOS and even Chromebooks!

This is a great step forward in our integration with Parallels RAS and will mean much more flexibility for users launching resources on these newly supported operating systems.  

Accessibility improvements & VPAT 2.0 statement

Vector image to portray multi level admin roles

Research suggests that up to 20% of AppsAnywhere users will have some form of disability or impairment that affects their use of our product. We are dedicated to ensuring that those users not only have a product that is fit for purpose and complies with all the latest standards but they get the same, simple, elegant user experience that we provide to the rest of our user base. In the 2.6 release we have made significant progress in this area by addressing some of the biggest pain points and missing functionality from an accessibility point of view. We have updated our VPAT 2.0 statement to reflect our latest compliance status but are by no means stopping here.

Over the next couple of releases we will be dedicating more resources to further this progress and provide even more flexibility and assistance to this critical set of our users.


  • AA-323: Citrix Receiver (Workspace App) Integration
  • AA-322: Add ability to present End User License Agreements on first use of AppsAnywhere 
  • AA-663: Provide auditing functionality for all changes made in AppsAnywhere admin
  • AA-1041: Provide more granular administrator roles (e.g. global admin, system admin, app admin)
  • AA-1109: Add ability to launch Parallels RAS apps using iOS native client
  • AA-1111: Add ability to launch Parallels RAS apps using Linux native client
  • AA-1112: Add ability to launch Parallels RAS apps using Android native client
  • AA-828: OS compatibility recognition for XBox and Playstation 
  • AA-996: OS compatibility recognition for Debian Linux
  • AA-497: Add OS compatibility setting for "other" (unrecognised) OSs
  • AA-1010: Improve support for IE and Edge on Windows touch-screen devices
  • AA-1081: Accessibility enhancement: Provide "skip to content" button when site receives focus
  • AA:1083: Accessibility enhancement: Make the main application list accessible through keyboard navigation
  • AA-1085: Accessibility enhancement: Make the user profile menu and associated areas accessible through keyboard navigation
  • AA-1279: Accessibility enhancement: Make the welcome tour accessible through keyboard navigation
  • AA-1094: Accessibility enhancement: Improve the ability for users to make use of AppsAnywhere using speech recognition tools
  • AA-1097: Accessibility enhancement: Make AppsAnywhere more accessible to those using screen readers
  • AA-1188: Mask the Swivel Two-Factor Authentication PIN on the 2FA input dialog
  • AA-1203: Send AppsAnywhere URL to client during validation to avoid the need for a call to the central API
  • AA-1285: Add a simple way to check that all translation files are up to date following an upgrade


  • AA-1135: Compatibility issue with Cloudpaging 9.1.5 server
  • AA-1135: Anonymous users being recorded in Cloudpaging reporting data
  • AA-693: Unable to launch multiple apps from the same Cloudpaging pgackage
  • AA-1287: User interface making too many context calls to the server when a large number of apps exist 
  • AA-1012: App icons not being correctly displayed in large grid view
  • AA-1277: Reporter cache can be manually regenerated for current or future dates, causing issues with future caching
  • AA-651: A large number of app sessions can overload the manage apps sessions page


AppsAnywhere v2.6.0 Logos

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