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Author of the Resource Posted on by Marcus Conway

Nexthink Explainer Animation - Big Data IT Analytics For Universities

Watch our animated explainer video to understand how Nexthink helps university IT teams improve the student experience with big data and IT analytics.

Nexthink Explainer Animation - Video Transcription

Meet Jack. He’s studying at the university and him computer stopped working, so he changed to a different computer. Now this machine has the blue screen of the death. So he logs onto another desktop. Just like 86% of his fellow students, he doesn’t report the problem to the IT help desk. In the university IT department, Michael can’t solve the IT problem because he doesn’t know about it. He decided a tech refresh is the best way to improve the student and staff experience. This could cost hundreds of thousands. Michael would love a support technician to monitor every end user and keep them secure but this would cost millions. There has to be a better way, right?

Meet Amy. She’s using Nexthink, delivered by Software2. She can now monitor any endpoint across the entire university. This includes all students, staff, and devices. She knows exactly which components need replacing and she gets real time updates of exactly what the issues are, how many users are affected, and the common causes. She can solve problems before users even know they exist.

Jack now notices that the help desk has spotted his problems and has fixed them. He doesn’t waste time moving between computers anymore. Jack’s experience is awesome!

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