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Author of the Resource Posted on by Tony Austwick

Thank you for 10 incredible years of Software2!

10 years of Software!

With extreme gratitude and great appreciation, we would like to wish ourselves a happy tenth birthday. We feel blessed to have worked with the amazing people and companies we've met on our journey so far, without whom Software2 and AppsAnywhere would not be the successes they are today!

Thank you to our partners for working with us to spread the good news of AppsAnywhere and for building awesome technologies for AppsAnywhere to integrate with. Thank you to our valued suppliers for the relationships you've built with us, all the way from our freelance suppliers to large scale SaaS solutions. Thank you to our amazing team for their continued dedication and unparalleled passion for creating and delivering a stellar software product. Most of all, thank you to all of our innovative, future-minded and ambitious customers for showing the world what AppsAnywhere is capable of, and for helping us to change the paradigm of higher education software delivery.

Here's to another 10 years of amazing developments in software delivery. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for higher education IT.

To celebrate the past ten years of game-changing higher education software delivery along with our moving into the new Software2 HQ, we invited some customers, suppliers, and partners who have been with us since the beginning for a good, old-fashioned catch-up and booze-up in the Foresters Arms. We reminisced about the past, brainstormed on the future and threw darts in the present! The below video shows some of the festivities!