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Author of the Resource Posted on by Marcus Conway

The highlights from Software2's User Day with Durham University

Software2's latest User Day, hosted by Durham University was our most subscribed User Day to date! A fantastic turnout of familiar and new faces is always humbling for us to see, and each and every time we meet up with our customers it reinforces what an incredible community Higher Education IT is.

2018 has been a momentous year for Software2 and we feel fortunate at being able to share our successes, goals, and progress with our customers at our User Days, with December 2018's installment being no different. We wanted to welcome our highest number of new-starters, all of which have taken to their roles like a duck to water and continue to add to a team of which we're supremely proud. We also were excited to share with you new product features and services we have recently released, and those we have in the pipeline. 

So without further delay, here are the highlights of our fabulous Durham University User Day!


Tony Austwick's Software2 update

In true Software2 tradition, Software2 CEO, Tony Austwick opens the day with a general company update on Software 2. In his presentation Tony discusses the journey and accomplishments of Software2 to date, taking a look back to when the company was just three directors, working in their pants from home. This naturally leads welcoming to new friends and thanking old friends, as well as and transparent and candid discussion on our intentions and goals for the product and business in general. We derive great value and gratification from keeping our customers completely in the loop with our objectives as an organization and User Days present the perfect opportunity to do this.

Check out the video below to view Tony's presentation in its entirety.

Tony Austwick's profile image

Ryan Heath's AppsAnywhere 2.6 new features presentation

Ryan had the pleasure of officially unveiling AppsAnywhere 2.6 at our Durham User Day. 2.6 is our most feature-packed release to date and introduces varies pieces of functionality which we're supremely excited about. These include, but are most certainly not limited to Citrix Integration, Parallels RAS support on iOS, Android and Linux native clients and accessibility improvements including VPAT 2.0 statements and compliance.

Watch the video below to see Ryan's full presentation on AppsAnywhere 2.6 new features.

A profile image of Software2's Ryan Heath.

Phil Morgan's preview of Packaging as a Service

An exciting one for Phil this year! Due to extremely high demand for packaging, we have begun designing a model for packaging as a service; one which will allow us to package the software most requested by our customers in the most cost-efficient manner possible. We're super excited about this new service, so keep your eyes peeled!
Phil also discussed the excitingly high number of newly qualified CPAs we've trained in 2018; it's awesome to be able to work so closely with our customers and help them get the best they possibly can out of AppsAnywhere, Cloudpaging and all our other integrations.

Watch the full video below to learn more about how our all-new packaging service is going to work.

A profile image of Software2's Phil Morgan

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