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Author of the Resource Posted on by Emily Shovelin

What your students want from their education technology

The start of the new academic year means a new generation of university students bringing higher expectations and experience with technology. But worry not. We’ve taken the time to see how the latest generation of students use technology, where they think it’s useful, and how they want you to help them with it.

It’s predicted that over 80% of students in the UK and 90% of US students have access to their own computer, laptop, or tablet at home, with the percentage with a mobile or cell phone even higher, which means that students have never been more connected to educational resources and information.

Students spend the largest amount of time online studying, with an average of 3-5 hours a week, with around 2 hours a week for word processing, compared to chatting with friends or browsing the internet.

As the ability of modern technology grows, so does the need for better technology in the classroom. 41% of students on average expect their institutions to come equipped with moderate technology, with over 30% preferring classes that use extensive amounts of technology.

What your students major in also has an impact on how much technology they wish to access for work purposes. Engineering, Business, and Life Sciences come at top of the table, with over 55% preferring to use extensive technology in their classrooms.

Just less than 50% of students have said that the biggest benefit to using technology in their learning environment is convenience, followed with managing class activities, saving time, and improving learning experiences.

Through many studies, it has been shown that the most recent wave of students are expecting more, and better technology to help with their education. AppsAnywhere is designed to do just that.

AppsAnywhere has proven time again how Cloudpaging and Application Virtualization can help save your institute time and money when providing software to your students, as well as increasing student experience.

This year’s NSS scores have shown how our customers’ student satisfaction has increased when they were asked about their access to university resources when they needed it most. BYOD has also provided students with the technology they need in the most convenient form; on their own devices, anytime, anywhere!

If you want to see how you can help improve your student’s experiences and keep up with their technology expectations in the next academic year, you can check out our trial site for free today, or contact us directly.

For more information on the studies mentioned, follow the link below:

Convenience, Communications, and Control: How Students Use Technology