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S2 Packaging

Our packagers are amongst some of the best in the world, so much so that we're confident in saying there isn't an app they can't package in Cloudpaging.

We've packaged 100s of apps for our customers across North America and Europe. For S2 Packaging services, Software2's packagers can work remotely or alongside your team, to help them understand the Cloudpaging packaging process for any future apps.

Details of our Cloudpaging Packaging Service:

  • Can be from 10 to 100 days per year
  • We'll configure apps exactly as needed for your courses, and to work both on-site and for BYOD use
  • We provide recipes for all the apps that we package
  • Once working practises are established, we can work remotely so you can draw on the service as and when needed
  • Many new customers choose to take up our packaging services to help kick start their project
  • We are continually looking at ways we can deliver appsets more efficiently and pass on the savings to our customers
  • Default open source apps appsets are provided at no cost for all the community to use, and as we share the project files they can be customized later as needed

Contact us if you'd like to find out more about our Cloudpaging packaging services

New packaging service: Coming soon!

We've taken a look at packaging as a service and realized that improvements can be made. We conceived a new model of packaging for us to deliver consistently to our customers which will revolutionize the way IT departments have apps packaged. Watch the reveal video to learn more!

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Phil Morgan, Director of Client Services, Software2

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Packaging training and certification

We also offer Cloudpaging packaging training and certification. Our 3 different packaging courses range from starter courses where we look at the basics of packaging apps, to advanced level packaging.

Find out more about Software2 Training and Certification >