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Any App. Any Device.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Improve the student experience on and off campus.

Loved by students & universities across the globe.

Deliver any application…

Universities use a wide range of software, from cutting-edge engineering apps through to legacy titles that are still written in DOS. AppsAnywhere gives you a way to deliver 100% of your apps, regardless of whether they’re virtualized, remote, local or web.

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to any device…

How do you deliver apps to Windows, Mac and Chromebooks, including managed and BYO devices, all while maintaining an awesome student experience? With AppsAnywhere, IT can set parameters to enable students to get the right apps on the right device.

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Deliver anywhere…

Software should follow students wherever and whenever they need it. AppsAnywhere gives Higher Ed IT a way to deliver apps to any device across campus – and many off campus, too – on-demand. You can also maintain full control over who accesses what so you can comply with licensing restrictions.

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Available anytime.

Research shows that 75% of students expect to access software at any time. Students love the flexibility of being able to get apps whenever they need them and not being tied to the restrictive opening hours of on-campus computer labs. Improve the learning experience by delivering apps on-demand, anytime.

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Solutions for Higher Education

Because of complex IT environments in universities and colleges, provisioning applications and desktops is a huge challenge. Vast numbers of end users, fast turnover of the user base, increasing mobility of today’s students, and the wide variety of applications needed all contribute to this challenge.

When you combine that with the pace at which hardware and software advances across all departments and the complexity of making sure all students have access to all their university software wherever they need it, the challenge becomes almost impossible!

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