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Any App. Any Device.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Technology to improve the student experience on and off campus.

Loved by students & universities across the globe.

Any App…

We can help you virtualize 100% of Windows apps. Virtualize all Windows applications. Virtualize any Windows app. However we say it – there’s no Windows software we can’t virtualize.

While legacy solutions like Microsoft App-V can struggle to deploy all the Windows apps a university needs to provide its students, we’re able to virtualize 100% of Windows apps. Universities use a wide range of software. Some of it can be cutting-edge whilst some important applications are still written in DOS.

Any Device…

How do you virtualize and deploy any application to Windows, Macintosh and Android devices including BYOD and onsite? And maintain an awesome student experience?

AppsAnywhere enables IT to set app parameters to enable students to access the right apps, on the right device, whenever they are needed. Students love the easy to use app store whatever device they bring to university or college.


Software should follow students. Wherever and whenever they need it.

AppsAnywhere does exactly what it says on the tin. We give university IT the ability to provide and virtualize any Windows app on any device. In addition you can maintain full control over access to ensure you’re within the terms of your software license. Full license control enables universities to see which apps are, and more importantly, are not being used – driving down costs and increasing efficiency for university IT


Surveys highlight that 75% of students expect to access university-provided software anywhere and anytime.

Students love the flexibility of being able to access apps wherever and whenever they need to, and not being tied to the restrictive opening hours of on-campus computer clusters. Being able to study flexibly improves the learning experience and improves student outcomes.

Educational Challenges & Solutions

University desktop provisioning is a huge challenge. This complexity stems from a number of factors inherent with this type of environment; the vast numbers of users, the fast turnover of the user base and their increasing mobility.

Couple those needs with the pace at which hardware and software advances, across all departments, and the complexity of making sure ALL students have access to ALL their university taught software, wherever they require it, becomes an almost impossible challenge.

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