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About Us


Software2 was founded in 2009 with the simple goal of helping universities, colleges and organizations improve the student experience using the latest technologies.

To this day, the company's focus and mission is largely unchanged, albeit with some even cooler technologies! Since the launch of AppsAnywhere, Software2 has been focused on enabling organizations to improve how they deliver software by bringing together a wide variety of industry-leading deployment tools, to enable the access of 100% of applications from a single app-store-like portal on every device.

The delivery of applications and desktops is a key part of 'end user computing' (EUC), something that AppsAnywhere's on-demand software delivery model is there to improve. Whether you're delivering Windows apps to Windows, Windows apps to non-Windows (including Chromebooks!), Mac apps to Mac devices, iOS and Android apps to mobile devices, AppsAnywhere brings all your university-approved software titles together for a 'single pane of glass'-type experience.

Using technology to improve the end-user experience...

Students expect technology, and software in particular, to 'just work', wherever and whenever they need it to. One of the many problems affecting universities that Software2 discovered in those early days was not being able to deploy all Windows apps with a single solution, to any device.

There was an inherent need to nurture existing IT infrastructure to ensure that the student experience is not merely unchanged, but improved, and all delivered in a way that is both cost-effective and efficient.

AppsAnywhere was born...

About Software2...

Watch our short video below and learn more about us as a company, who we are and what we do.

10 years of Software2!

10 years of Software!

With extreme gratitude and great appreciation, we would like to wish ourselves a happy tenth birthday. Thank you to our partners for working with us to spread the good news of AppsAnywhere and for building awesome technologies for AppsAnywhere to integrate with. Thank you to our valued suppliers for the relationships you've built with us, all the way from our freelance suppliers to large scale SaaS solutions. Thank you to our amazing team for their continued dedication and unparalleled passion for creating and delivering a stellar software product. Most of all, thank you to all of our innovative, future-minded and ambitious customers for showing the world what AppsAnywhere is capable of, and for helping us to change the paradigm of higher education software delivery.

Here's to another 10 years of amazing developments in software delivery. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for higher education IT.

Top 5 university application delivery problems, solved

  1. Delivering any Windows application to any device, including all those heavyweight apps such as ArcGIS, SPSS and MATLAB.
  2. Improving the student experience by providing students (and staff) with access to the software tools they need on and off campus.
  3. Reducing packaging time, IT administration and image size, and reducing license costs.
  4. Enabling universities to attract and retain more students and be more competitive in the education marketplace.
  5. Encourage universities to provide an awesome BYOD experience to all students.
Software2 Facts and Figures

Software2, a little bit about us...

  • Founded in 2009
  • Offices in 4 countries, customers in 20+ countries
  • 1,500,000+ users (students and staff)
  • 15,000+ packaged apps
  • 150+ universities (including colleges and schools)
  • 20% year-on-year growth

Learn about AppsAnywhere in the following languages:

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AppsAnywhere Netherlands

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Our technology partners

We've teamed up with the coolest technology vendors on the planet to provide universities and colleges with the best new application delivery and virtualization solutions that the market has to offer!

Numecent (Cloudpaging)

AppsAnywhere is compatible with multiple application delivery methods, but we think the best way of delivering Windows apps is using Cloudpaging [formerly Application Jukebox]. That's why we're the sole distributor of Numecent's Cloudpaging technology to higher education markets across the world, combining it with AppsAnywhere, to bring 100% of Windows apps to students at universities and colleges throughout North America and Europe.

Numecent Logo

For more information, visit Numecent's website.

Parallels (RAS - Remote Application Server)

We've integrated AppsAnywhere with Parallels RAS, to offer universities a way of delivering apps and desktops to any device (including Chromebooks), at a fraction of the cost of traditional VDI solutions. And when used alongside Cloudpaging, AppsAnywhere enables students to access all their apps from one location, whilst university IT need only package the apps once.

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) Logo

For more information, visit the Parallels RAS website.

We're certified partners, too

As well as being the official distributor for Numecent's Cloudpaging in Education globally, and an authorized Parallels RAS partner, we're Citrix Ready, VMware and Microsoft partners, too.

Citrix Ready Partner
Microsoft Silver Partner
VMware Partner

Frequently asked questions

Some FAQs about Software2...

Where are Software2 based?

We work with universities and colleges across North America and Europe, with offices in both Cambridge, MA (USA), Leeds (UK) and Austria. We also have a team based in Spain, and partners who sell and support AppsAnywhere across Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

How long have Software2 been trading?

We’ve been working in the educational technology sector since 2009, after being co-founded by Tony Austwick (@TonyAustwick) and Nick Johnson (@Nick_Johnson). More recently we started working with enterprises and managed service providers.

How many customers do Software2 have?

Worldwide there are more than 150 educational institutions who are proud to use Software2, totaling over 1,500,000 students and staff who are using our software. We also have a number of non-education customers!

Do Software2 only work in education?

Good question! We work with universities and colleges because they face a uniquely complex and challenging situation in terms of application deployment – delivering hundreds of specialist apps to thousands of users, across tens of thousands of different devices. That’s where the power of our software makes the world of difference! While our heritage is in Higher Ed, we do also have a number of well-known commercial customers including MSPs and DaaS providers, who are all looking to improve the end user computing experience with AppsAnywhere.

Why are you called Software2?

We like to think we do things differently, and as a company we've changed the way that software's delivered in universities, colleges and organizations. So the '2' simply illustrates this new approach; a version 2.0, if you will…

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