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Deliver academic software to any device. Anywhere and anytime.

Students just want to get their work done. Give them access to the software they need on any device, on and off campus, and make the student IT experience awesome.

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91% of students expect to access academic apps wherever, whenever. Make the student learning experience awesome by giving them what they need to get coursework done.

Built for Higher Ed from the ground-up, AppsAnywhere helps universities, community colleges and other academic institutions deliver a better IT service to every student. Make all your academic software available in a consistent way and transform student outcomes.

The software delivery platform built for Higher Ed.

AppsAnywhere is an app store-style platform that gives students access to all the software they need. It provides Higher Ed IT a way to virtualize and deliver all your software from one place to any device, including Windows, Mac and Chromebooks, while meeting key strategic IT initiatives such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

AppsAnywhere is a university app store-style workspace platform

Improve student outcomes and IT experience by delivering any app to any device

Improve student outcomes by delivering software to any device.

AppsAnywhere gives you the tools to enable access to software wherever and whenever, on any device, on and off campus, and even on BYOD. Students no longer have to follow apps, now the apps follow them!

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Virtualize and Deliver any app with AppsAnywhere

All your apps in one place. Anywhere, anytime.

Provide equitable access to academic software for all students on any device. Deliver 100% of apps from a single centralized platform, whether they're installed, virtualized, SaaS, web or remote apps. 

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Enable bring your own device (BYOD) with AppsAnywhere

Deliver on key strategic IT initiatives such as BYOD.

Student want access to their academic resources on-demand, wherever they are and whenever they need them. Deliver university-licensed software apps to both managed and BYO devices, including Windows, macOS and Chromebooks.

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Enable 'virtual' labs and deliver any software app to any lab across campus

Repurpose dedicated labs and enable open-access learning areas.

Universities across the globe struggle with supporting their labs. AppsAnywhere gives IT a way to deliver any app to any lab across campus. Enable open-access learning areas and let students choose where and when they get their work done.

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Apps virtualized and delivered through AppsAnywhere perform as if they were locally installed!

Virtualized apps that look, feel and act like they're locally installed.

Unlike complex VDI environments, AppsAnywhere's virtualization technology means that apps run at the same speed as if they were fully installed locally. That means you can deliver graphics-intensive software without needing an expensive server infrastructure to support it!

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Smart Prioritization with AppsAnywhere

Take the guesswork away from accessing apps.

Students just want their apps, and for their apps to just work. Give them a consistent way to access software with just one launch button, on any device, and make it easy for them to get their work done.

AppsAnywhere's Smart Prioritization feature looks at the device's context such as OS, on- or off-domain, managed or BYO device, and then chooses the best technology to give the student the app. This could be virtualization, VDI, remote apps, RDS, installations, downloads or SCCM/App-V, for example.

Knowing exactly where to go to get software also reduces the risk around security threats from unauthorized software access or downloads. Provide students with access to approved software and reduce the threats from 'rogue IT'.

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