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Deliver any application to any device with AppsAnywhere, our software delivery and virtualization solution designed specifically for higher education.

AppsAnywhere is a beautiful web interface that gives students access to all the software they need, from a familiar and customizable app store-style portal. It provides university or college IT a way to virtualize and deliver 100% of their software from one place, whatever the device, including Windows, Mac and Chromebooks.

91% of students expect their university to provide an "app store" to access their academic software. Give them the tools they need to get their coursework done and improve the student experience, on and off campus.

Application delivery and virtualization solutions for higher education

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Apps. Anywhere. Deploy apps to students anywhere, including BYOD.

Improve the student experience by delivering software on-demand.

We've reinvented the way students access apps. AppsAnywhere gives you the tools to enable access to software wherever and whenever, on any device, on and off campus, and even on BYO devices. Students no longer have to follow apps, now the apps follow them.

Higher Education
Virtualize and Deliver any Windows app with Cloudpaging and AppsAnywhere

100% of your apps in one place

Deliver your academic apps in a consistent way to all students, with a single point of access on any device, on and off campus. Whether it’s desktop, SaaS, mobile, Windows, Mac, virtualized or remote apps, bring them all together in a single place. And yes, we can even deliver 'tricky' Windows apps like SPSS, SAS, NVivo, MATLAB and AutoCAD! Virtualize 100% of Windows apps with Cloudpaging

Support all devices for BYOD

Support every device and enable BYOD.

Regardless of whether your students are using Windows, macOS, Chromebooks or mobile devices, AppsAnywhere enables you to deliver apps to any managed device across campus, on-demand. Many of our customers are also delivering software to BYO devices, too.

Enable BYOD
Deliver 100% of your apps using your existing delivery technologies

Integrate with the delivery tech you already use.

No single method of delivering apps is the best. That's why we support a variety of software delivery methods, including Cloudpaging, SCCM, App-V and VDI. That means you can deliver ANY app and deploy them all through AppsAnywhere for a consistent point of access on any device.

Apps virtualized and delivered through AppsAnywhere run and perform as if they were locally installed!

Local performance, warp speed

AppsAnywhere integrates with a variety of delivery methods, including Cloudpaging. Unlike desktop virtualization (VDI), apps virtualized using Cloudpaging run at the same speed as if they were fully installed on the end-user's computer. That means you can deliver graphics-intensive software without needing an expensive backend infrastructure to support it!

Enable unified app delivery with AppsAnywhere

Unified Application Delivery (UAD)

AppsAnywhere brings together different technologies from all the leading vendors, to enable university IT to deliver any app to any device, and satisfy every possible use case.

The beauty of unifying delivery methods in this way is that students only need to go to one place for all their software (AppsAnywhere), with just one 'launch' button regardless of the technology that's running in the background.

We're adding to the integrations all the time. Key technology AppsAnywhere currently supports includes Numecent Cloudpaging, Parallels RAS, Microsoft SCCM/App-V/RemoteApp and VMware Horizon.

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