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91% of students expect their university to provide an "app store" to access university software. So, in collaboration with our customers we've developed AppsAnywhere, a beautiful web interface that gives students access to all the software they need, from a familiar and customizable app store-style portal.


Apps. Anywhere. Deploy apps to students anywhere, including BYOD.

Any app, anywhere, on demand.

We've reinvented the way students access apps. AppsAnywhere enables access to apps wherever students are, on any device, at any time, both on and off campus. Students (and staff) can even access apps on their own laptop, from a completely customizable 'app store'. Students no longer have to follow apps. Now the apps follow them.

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Virtualize and Deliver any Windows app with Cloudpaging and AppsAnywhere

Deliver 100% of apps.

No one method of delivering apps is the best. That's why we support a variety of software delivery methods, including Cloudpaging, SCCM and App-V. That means you can deliver ANY app and deploy them all through AppsAnywhere, our beautiful app store-like portal. And yes, that includes 'tricky' Windows apps like SPSS, SAS, NVivo, MATLAB and AutoCAD!

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Full license control over virtualized applications with AppsAnywhere

Full control over software licenses.

Admins can keep track of exactly how many licences are being used at any given time, and redistribute them where necessary. By maintaining a central pool of licences and allowing users to take from the pool wherever they are, as and when they need them, resources can be maximized and vast amounts of money saved.

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Apps virtualized and delivered through AppsAnywhere run and perform as if they were locally installed!

Local performance, warp speed.

AppsAnywhere integrates with a variety of delivery methods, including Cloudpaging. Unlike desktop virtualization (VDI), apps virtualized using Cloudpaging run at the same speed as if they were fully installed on the end-user's computer. That means you can deliver graphics-intensive software without needing an expensive backend infrastructure to support it!

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AppsAnywhere. The 'techie' bit...

AppsAnywhere gives you everything you need to give your students
any app they need, and with it, an awesome learning experience.

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Application delivery with AppsAnywhere, 100% on demand.

Choose the method of delivering apps that's best for your students.

AppsAnywhere is compatible with multiple application delivery technologies, giving you the best way of deploying apps based on user context*, and giving your students one consistent point of access for all the software they need to study, for an awesome IT experience.

1 launch button, 12 delivery methods. Learn more >

AppsAnywhere software application delivery and deployment methods
*e.g. geographic location, operating system, off-domain, off-site, device type

Quick and easy application packaging.

Most universities and colleges have already tried App-V and realized they can't package all the apps students need, and the dedication needed to do it is so high. With Software2, application packaging is quick and easy, with a standardized packaging procedure for over 80% of apps!

Application Virtualization, how does it work? The delivery process.

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Reduce your image size and bloat. Massively.

By virtualizing apps with Cloudpaging and delivering them with AppsAnywhere, our customers have reduced their image size by 75%. That means huge time savings for IT, quicker repair of PCs and faster re-image times. And it's easy to make changes to the image (e.g. app upgrades) in the middle of the academic year, too!

Massively reduce your image size by taking apps out of the image

Case Study: Kingston University's Dream Desktop, reducing image from 100GB to 5GB >

Slash ongoing VDI costs.

AppsAnywhere can be used alongside an existing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). By doing so you can take the apps out of the VDI image and deliver them separately, so they run on the local machine. That means your apps run more smoothly, you save huge amounts on expensive VDI equipment, and your students' experience is awesome.

Using AppsAnywhere with VDI to take apps out of the VDI image and reduce delivery costs.

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AppsAnywhere technical specifications and requirements

Download the PDF below to find out the technical specifications and infrastructure requirements for AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging.

Our awesome customers...

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