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Over 250 educational institutions, including universities, colleges and school systems, and 1.5 million students and staff are proud to use AppsAnywhere from Software2, worldwide.

Here's a selection of our awesome higher education customers from across the globe, including some recent videos we did with the University of Michigan and Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), on how they deliver any app, anywhere, anytime, with AppsAnywhere.

Featured customer stories

See how higher education institutions across North America and Europe are using AppsAnywhere

AppsAnywhere's North American Customers

North America

Given that North America has the most higher education organizations and some of the world's most prestigious universities, it is no surprise that the United States and Canada represent the majority of AppsAnywhere users and Software2 customers.

Resource: Ontario colleges at the forefront of using technology to improve the student experience >>

Given the geography and logistics of North American higher education, a sophisticated, cost-effective and highly scalable solution is required to consistently deliver software with a seamless user experience to 1,000,000+ students. Read the below case studies to learn more about how AppsAnywhere is revolutionizing the student experience and higher education institutions' digital offerings in North America...

Learn about our North American customers and how we've helped universities of all sizes, whether IT is centralized or decentralized, revolutionize how they deliver software and the student and user experience they're able to deliver.

Case studies: North America

Our awesome customers (North America)

AppsAnywhere in the UK and Europe

UK & Europe

With the UK & Europe being Software2's places of origin, they are also two of the most progress-hungry regions when it comes to higher education IT and delivering a truly cutting-edge digital student experience.

Resource: UK Universities Lead The Way On Student BYOD with AppsAnywhere >>

With ambitions to provide consistent and perpetual access to software for students in combination with stellar reputations to uphold, institutions of a broad range of sizes and with a wide variety of specialties are finding AppsAnywhere to be instrumental in achieving these goals. Delve further into the specifics of how Software2 is helping to improve students' experiences in UK & European universities...

Learn more about how we've helped universities in the United Kingdom and Europe overhaul their software delivery process and provide a greatly optimized student and user experience, and read individual case studies on some of the awesome implementations our customers have achieved!

Case studies: UK & Europe

Our awesome customers (UK & Europe)

AppsAnywhere's value to organizations of 5,000 users or less

< 5,000 students

Fewer users doesn't equal fewer problems. Smaller universities are often challenged with similar workloads as their larger brethren, but with leaner IT departments and budgets. Universities and higher education institutions with anywhere up to 5,000 students require an efficient software deployment solution that can be managed with ease and deployed with confidence.

AppsAnywhere has found a place of favor within IT of universities and colleges with up to 5,000 students worldwide by elegantly solving challenges the largest 'overkill solutions' can't. All with a lean price point that's easy to approve.

AppsAnywhere in small organizations
How AppsAnywhere helps universities with between 5,000 and 10,000 students

5,000 - 10,000 students

How can we leverage BYOD? This question is at the forefront for organizations of all sizes. Even more so for universities and higher education institutions with anywhere up to 10,000 students, where the addition of dedicated computer labs just doesn't make fiscal sense.

AppsAnywhere easily enables BYOD use which helps medium-sized organizations expand their computing landscape without a huge expense. Read more by clicking the below button...

AppsAnywhere for medium-sized organizations
AppsAnywhere's value to universities of 10,000 students plus

10,000+ students

A large, distributed IT structure can present a range of problems for large organizations, such as overspending on software licenses and duplication of effort and other expenditures. Universities and higher education institutions with over 10,000 students require a software deployment solution that can be centrally managed and report back on application usage.

Large organizations often look to AppsAnywhere as the catalyst to streamline operations and break down inefficient IT silos. Read more by clicking the below button...

AppsAnywhere for large organizations


AppsAnywhere integrates with all the leading software delivery technologies to present and deploy software titles in a single, brandable front-end app store, enabling Unified Application DeliveryUsing contextual delivery options and smart prioritization, AppsAnywhere removes the need for multiple large images or high-end VDI investments, helps ensure license compliance whilst providing all-important usage data to IT to allow for informed management of licenses.

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The ultimate guide to application virtualization ebook

Application virtualization

Application virtualization is the spiritual successor to desktop virtualization (VDI). By encapsulating applications and separating them from the operating system they're to be executed on, app virtualization presents a viable and contemporary alternative to large, expensive VDI solutions. Click the button below to read our whitepaper on app virtualization: The ultimate guide to application virtualization.

Read more about application virtualization

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