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AppsAnywhere 2.6 Webinar: What's new?

When? Thursday, November 29 (12 pm EST | 5pm GMT)

Register now for our customer update webinar where Software2's Technical Director Ryan Heath will be sharing what's new in AppsAnywhere v2.6, including:

  • A brief overview of AppsAnywhere
  • Citrix integration
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Added security features (e.g. multi-level admin roles and change logging)
  • Parallels RAS support on iOS, Android and Linux native clients
  • Road map: what's coming later?
  • Your Q&As

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We’ve crammed an incredible range of features into this release; in fact 24 change requests and 5 resolved defects make it the most packed release we have ever produced!

Ryan Heath, Software2 Technical Director. November 2018

Software2's IT Director, Ryan Heath

Register now, and if you're unable to attend, we'll send you the recording afterwards for you to watch in your own time.

Register here >>