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AppsAnywhere Analytics live demonstration

Date published
Jun 16 2020
Time of the event
11:00AM - 12:00PM (ET)
Location of the Event
Virtual event
AppsAnywhere Analytics live demonstration SUMMIT20


AppsAnywhere Analytics, software delivery data


June 16 at 11am ET (4pm BST)


Phil Spitze


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Join Phil Spitze of Software2 for a live demonstration of AppsAnywhere Analytics, a powerful reporting module capable of delivering in-depth insight and data on your university's software title use, delivery methods, and more.

Run-time: 45 minutes

In this webinar, Phil Spitze will demonstrate what AppsAnywhere is capable of reporting on and how that data can be used to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and ROI of your software delivery estate. Phil will show the data you can analyze with AppsAnywhere Analytics, including highly valuable metrics such as peak concurrency of each software title or which devices students are using to access university software. Phil will also show how custom reports can be built and how data can be visualized for reporting metrics and trends to colleagues.

This session will cover:

  • Real-time visibility of your software estate
  • Analyzing usage with custom dashboards
  • Saving money on software licensing
  • Building a business case for BYOD
  • Managing migrations with effective data

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Our all-new Analytics engine gives you the business intelligence data you need to make more informed strategic IT decisions about how you deploy software to your end-users. Get a detailed view of your software licensing and application usage including peak concurrency data, OS types, geographic reporting, BYOD stats, and devices used.

AppsAnywhere Analytics gives you an in-depth overview of your entire application estate, so you can see exactly how your software is being accessed, including what, where, and when.

About the speakers

Phil Spitze, Software2

Phil Spitze came to Software2 with an extensive background in University IT, most recently 4 years with Le Moyne College (Syracuse, NY). He enjoys helping Universities discover the long list of benefits that AppsAnywhere and Cloudpaging offers to both students and IT, including how to enable BYOD. In his spare time, Phil is an avid photographer.

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