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Packaging Service

Packaging Service

Spend less time packaging and more time on strategic IT projects.

We know all about packaging applications. Our experienced team have packaged thousands of titles, from 7-Zip to NVivo, SPSS to ArcGIS and everything in between. Even so-called 'tricky' suites like Adobe and Autodesk.

Our customers have had huge success packaging, too. But sometimes other less exciting work gets in the way and you need a helping hand getting things ready. That's why we've created Software2 Packaging Service...

Package any Windows app with our application Packaging Service

Packaging. Simplified.

All over the world, IT admins are packaging the same software again and again. But if we're all using the same apps, why do they even need to be repackaged?

That's what our Packaging Service is here to change. Many widely-used apps now allow a license to be applied post-install. That means we can package once and add your license later, in a fraction of the time.

Packaging menu portal

Pay-as-you-go packaging.

We've built a specially-selected menu of discounted app packages for you to choose from.

Our menu consists of commonly-used apps that can be repackaged in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take. That means we can pass the savings onto you and you can spend time on more strategic IT projects.

How it works

Subscribe and take advantage of our menu of packages. 

How the Software2 Packaging Service works

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Subscription levels

Choose an annual subscription and get access to a menu with 100+ commonly-used apps.

Packaging Service Subscription Levels

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Packaging Service credit bands

Choose apps and top-up account

Once you've picked your apps, top-up your account with Credits and order the packages you need, whenever you need them. We also have bundles of commonly-used apps, such as the Adobe and AutoDesk suites. And for apps not on the menu or for customized package requests, we offer bespoke packaging to all subscribers.

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Browse our packaging menu...

To browse our menu of packages, register your interest using the form below and we'll send you login details.

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Subscription levels

Subscription levels

To get access to the Software2 Packaging Service choose an annual subscription that best meets your packaging needs.

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