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Simplify application delivery

Simplify application delivery

Bring together all your applications by unifying your software delivery methods into one single portal for both access and management; including Micrsosoft, Parallels RAS, VMware and Citrix.

AppsAnywhere integrates with over 15 application delivery methods to enable IT to deliver all applications, regardless of the delivery method chosen, from a centralized portal. Unify and aggregate leading deployment technologies, including application virtualization, VDI, RDS, imaging, macOS delivery, web apps, installed software and SaaS apps.

There are many ways that universities and colleges deliver applications. But using a wide variety of technologies leads to another key problem; portal sprawl! How do your students and other end-users know where to get each application they need?

Knowing where to get each software title relies on the students knowing which technology it's delivered through. Maybe it's only available through VDI, maybe it's only in a handful of labs as local installs, maybe it's web apps or direct downloads for open source software. Having software in different places not only presents a challenge when it comes to the user experience, but also raises key security concerns for access to IT-approved software.

Unifying all these delivery methods into a single university-branded 'app store' style portal gives a clear and central point of access for all academic applications, regardless of the device, location or technology used. By putting AppsAnywhere in front of all your end-users, integrating with your existing technologies and letting IT choose how the software is delivered in the background, you improve the student experience and increase student outcomes. It also makes life much easier for IT...

Combine application delivery technologies into one portal

Bring together the application delivery tools you already use

By integrating AppsAnywhere with the application delivery technologies you already use, you provide a single location for students to access all software without IT needing to spend time or money repackaging or reimaging.

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Enhance your existing Microsoft SCCM or imaging environment

Improve the user experience from day one

Reducing the number of places where users get software makes the student experience awesome and reduces security threats. Continue using existing technologies (e.g. VDI, SCCM etc.) behind AppsAnywhere and start centrally distributing software straight away.

Improve the student experience
Migrate over time to more cost-effective delivery technologies

Migrate to more cost-effective technologies

Once students are accessing software through AppsAnywhere you can migrate the delivery tools used in the background to more cost-effective technologies. For example, you might want to scale back on VDI and use application virtualization instead. Do all this without affecting your end-users!

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Streamling application delivery and deployment for higher education IT

Make life easier for IT

Having a centralized point of access for software is awesome for students. And it's great for IT, too. You can see exactly which apps are being deployed through which technologies, to which students and to which types of device. Provision all applications and apply access restrictions from the same central portal; AppsAnywhere.

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