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Run Virtualized Apps Offline

Run Virtualized Apps Offline

There will be times that your students and staff need apps to be available offline, maybe on a train, plane or in a coffee shop that doesn't provide free Wi-Fi.

Whatever the reason, if your students or staff can’t access their software because of a lack of internet connectivity, you'll have some grumpy users. Our unique technology provides offline app use to keep everyone happy, whilst maintaining a central control of licenses, even when that application is 'offline'.

It may be that some users, such as lecturers, are granted offline access. Control can still be provided around this, such as limiting this to a set number of days before they need to reconnect to the service to be granted additional time for offline use. The beauty of offline access is that the entire app is pushed to the client device with full license control. So you no longer have to worry about your licenses disappearing, for example when students graduate or staff leave.

Not only does the technology support home workers, but it can even provide applications to international students that aren’t in the same country as the university. Strong licence controls mean that unauthorised access and piracy is impossible.

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